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Unique advanced technology and process,

make Sink difference from any other sink
1. Material,Technology and Process
Cr 18/Ni10 Stainless Steel,SU304
Thickness: from 0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm for Punching Sink
1.0mm,1.2mm.`1.5mm,some plate with 3.0mm,4.0mm for Handmade Sink

2.Technology and Process
Bello‘s leading global advanced technology and process, make sink great difference from any other sink
2.1 R20 or more than R10 small angle, more than 210mm depth for Punching sink
It increase greatly the sink using room, different from other any sink company

2.2 High insert installation
Unique high insert technology  make sink solid installation and high-grade feel

3.After 37 processing and five plated protection process
Bello sink have following feature of
No Lead, No rust,No Oil contamination, Antisepsis,Non-corrosive,wear resistance
To ensure Safety,health and hygiene during kitchen housework